ARISTOTELI BITSIANI was established in 1986 in Thessaloniki, Greece, where the company presented its first complete menswear collection for Fall/Winter 1986-1987. During the following years the brand experienced a rapid growth within the domestic market in Greece and the Balkans region.

The brand’s reputation is currently established in the market as a contemporary fashion proposition for aspirational customers, with outstanding quality and value for money in all its mens ranges.

In 1999, ARISTOTELI BITSIANI established its first monobrand store at Thessaloniki’s city center, where the complete menswear ranges were presented to the public. The company through its strategic expansion plan, opened two DOS (directly operated stores) at the new shopping centers in Thessaloniki and Athens in 2005 reaching at some time the number of 12 direct distribution channels (property and franchised). Nowadays, ARISTOTELI BITSIANI is present in 6 monobrand stores in Greece, F.Y.R.OM. and Kosovo and it has recently started operating its online shop.

ARISTOTELI BITSIANI is one of the few vertically integrated greek fashion companies presenting an end-to-end process based business model from design to final customers.

The brand’s positing in the domestic and international market reflects aspirational expectations of its retail and e-tail customers, who expend sums of their disposable incomes to dress in a contemporary manner without the price tag of major designer brands.

The ARISTOTELI BITSIANI brand fashion proposition caters for the desires (not needs) of urban living males and channels all its marketing efforts targeting particular audiences, thus carving a successful niche in the markets where the brand currently operates and will operate in the near future.